Exterior Priming 

Simmonds Woodturning is proud to introduce optional priming to our services.  Your exterior porch posts, columns, balusters and handrail components will arrive primed and ready to install, protected from the elements.   Thus protecting you investment and saving you time and money by eliminating the priming process.  Final exterior paint will be done on site after installation by yourself or trusted contractor.  Cost will vary depending on product.  Please inquire at time of your order.  

Above, workers install Simmonds Woodturning Porch Posts to complete yet another gorgeous Custom Project for a valued client.

Above, primed, shipped, and installed Newels, Handrail, and Balusters on a clients home for a historic restoration project  

Above, painted porch posts photographed in our shipping bay,  ready to be packaged and shipped to customer.  Posts Arrive completely ready to install.