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Custom Work

Are you in need of custom work?

If restoring a Century or Victorian home, rely on Simmonds Woodturning to reproduce your Porch Posts, Porch Columns, Newels, Balusters, Spires, Finials, King Posts, etc. to your exacting details. If you require a quote for custom work please contact us, a sketch or a photo with some measurements is all we need. We also have our own line of Porch Posts, Newels and Balusters for you to choose from.

The photo above is a residence in PA that we did all the custom porch posts, newels and balusters for. The photo above is a reproduction of a historical porch post original. This porch post had to be an exact replica because the house is a historical home being renovated and has to have all the architectural elements exactly like the original to claim historical status.

How to Measure an Original Porch Post, Column, Newel or Baluster.

  1. Simply secure a tape measure at the top of a post (TAPE IN PLACE IF NESSASARY) and drop it down the center of the post to the ground. Do not move tape measure while shooting all photo’s, leave in place.
  2. Take several images straight on (without ever moving the tape measure). Check your photos to make sure the numbers and markings on tape measure can be easily seen.
  3. Be sure to add some of the diameter measurements. Simply apply pieces of masking tape to the piece at points to be callipered (MEASURED), and write these measurements on the masking tape as shown in the photo’s below. The more measurements you include, the more accurate we can be.

A Few Samples of Our Custom Work

Newel Posts made to match original.   Porch posts specially made for Victorian Century home in Orangeville, Ontario, Canada.

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