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About us

Simmonds Woodturning was established in 1986. We are a custom woodturning mill that produces high quality wooden porch posts, newels, balusters, columns, kitchen island legs and table legs.

The owner's turning techniques reach back to the 1830's! Our skilled woodturners have honed their skills with age old techniques passed down from masters of a previous day. Each piece produced is individually hand turned and hand sanded to our clients requirements without the use of tracer lathes or CNC machinery.

A Noticable Difference!

The top example is a product of a copy lathe. There is a lot of tear-out on the piece as a result of the scrapping process and dull tooling. This tear-out turns much darker when the piece is stained, making these surfaces stand out.

The bottom piece was hand turned. Notice the proper proportioning of the pattern elements, the clean cuts and the superior sanding. All details are crisp and clean and will finish evenly with a consistent patina.

Restoration work occupies the majority of our shop schedule.

Working closely with design architects, project managers and home owners, we provide exacting reproductions of architectural components for their century and historical homes, shipping all over North America.

We provide an extensive collection of standard patterns for you to choose from. We pride ourselves in the high quality of the work we do and our reputation of providing service second to none.

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